Legacy Tutoring Center firmly believes that a strong, experienced educator can discover your child’s strengths and , just by working with your son or daughter. Your child has numerous assessments during school hours, we do not feel a need to assess him/her again in order to offer tutoring sessions.  A child’s strength and weaknesses will be made known after just one-two sessions.  This can be accomplished by building rapport with your child.  It is essential for your child to have trust with the tutor; have a great personality and understand that it is OKAY to make mistakes.  Our job as educators is to figure out WHAT happened, WHY it happened and HOW we re-teach the topic to your child so he/she understands.  As an educator and former school principal, I know how essential it is to ask questions and use repetition for memory, recall and application.


Our sessions will allow the tutor to work with your son/daughter on the current class topic; assist with homework; test preparation and most of all, remediation.  We combine this type of learning to assist your child so he/she can show academic gains.  Academic growth does not necessarily happen overnight, but with time, commitment and dedication, your child and you, the parent, WILL see improvement! Most importantly is that your child will gain confidence!  





We are certified and experienced educators accommodating:

  • K-12 Students in Public, Private, Charter, Florida Virtual & Home School programs

  • Home-schoolers and Un-schoolers

  • Adult Learners who need assistance with their GED, College Essay writing, ESOL


 SUBJECT AREAS We Offer Tutoring Services in:

  • LANGUAGE ARTS: Reading Comprehension & Word Work and Writing Skills, ESOL

  • MATH: Elementary Math, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics

  • SCIENCE: Elementary Science, General Physics, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

  • FOREIGN LANGUAGES:  Spanish, German, Italian, Albanian; French


RATES: The one-on-one sessions for students at a rate of $40/session (M-F); $50/session (Sat/Sun). It is recommended to have two sessions a week (whatever is best for YOUR child & family) to teach, re-teach and remediate.  LTC also offers small-group sessions for two-four students, maximum, at a rate of $30, per student, per session.  This type of session is BEST for multiple families that want to enroll their children together as they may be in the same class (subject).   Parents might also use this type of session if the child can "work well with others". 


ACCEPTABLE PAYMENT:    Cash, Check or credit card

NO CONTRACTS:  There is no contract between you and LTC, it is between YOU and YOUR CHILD.  LTC is here to provide the best educators for your child to succeed!  The only “agreement” we have is that payment is rendered via cash or check and can be paid per session, weekly or monthly.  

REFERRAL:  If you are happy, tell a friend!  If a parent shares information about our center with another family--once that referred student has attended 3 sessions, the referring family receives ONE FREE credit (value of one session)

SAFETY & SECURITY:  Our center has full WiFi ability as well as a 24 hour video and audio surveillance coverage.  Your child's safety and that of my staff is of utmost importance.  Parents are free to wait in the center if you wish, just kindly requesting that all conversations are kept outside.  

SCHEDULE:  Tutoring sessions are scheduled between 9:00am until 8:00pm.  All sessions are made by appointment only.   IF you need to cancel, please contact us as soon as possible. Parents will be sent a 24 hour notice for a tutoring session reminder.   You are more than welcome to text me (727.437.8387)  or email me:  Director@legacytutoringcenter.com

Saturdays and Sunday sessions -- prior arrangements must be made, $50/session

TUTORS:  All of my instructors, (including myself) are background checked and have Level II clearance.  My tutors are either fingerprinted through the Pinellas County School Board (PCSB), Diocese of St. Petersburg or the local charter schools.  In addition, most of my tutors have his/her Florida certification.  You can view his/her license on the FLDOE website.  

MESSY STUFF:  If there is a fee for any Insufficient Funds (ISF), please note that you will be charged $40 to cover the fees and your payment must be made before the next session.  You can pay upon arriving or leaving the center (cash or check).

I encourage communication from parents.  If you are not satisfied with your child's tutoring session, please let me know what your question or concern is and we will work together to resolve it. 

ONE-on-ONE Tutoring

$40/session (one Hour) 


$300/ 8 sessions

to be paid in advance

** 2 sessions a week is recommended, based on needs**



Please call to

schedule a session


(2-4 students)

$30 per student/per session


$225/ 8 sessions

to be paid in advance  (save $15)

** 2 sessions a week is recommended, based on needs **

Phone: 727-437-8387   Email: info@legacytutoringcenter.com Address: 1412 Pinehurst Road  Dunedin, FL  34698

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