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WHO is the Director?
Hello, my name is Veronica "Han-G" and I am the owner and Director of Legacy Tutoring Center.  I have been an educator in Connecticut and Florida with over 15 years of Middle School Math teaching experience.   I have held several positions in education:  Middle School Team Lead teacher, Middle School Math Department Lead teacher Assistant Principal (K-8); School Principal (K-8) and (6-12).   While in Florida, all of my former and current students and parents, know me as the "Han-G", and it is my professional name that I use.  
My educational background includes a Bachelor's Degree in Public Health from Southern Connecticut State University; a Master's Degree in Education and a minor in Curriculum and Development from the University of Phoenix and a second Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of West Florida. 
My Florida State Professional Educator's certificate number is #1142092. 

​WHAT is Legacy Tutoring Center?
Legacy Tutoring Center (LTC) opened on February 21, 2018!  It is an honor to know each of my students' and their families.  As I coordinate all the appointments and schedules, I am determined to ensure that each students' needs are addressed.  I take great pride in communicating with my families to enable the highest quality of service for my students.  I make it a priority to match each students' needs with my tutors' qualifications and skill set.  
I absolutely love kids, love inspiring young minds; love teaching; leading others and offering help. I guess I am pretty good at math too!  As a Middle School Math Teacher and former K-12 School principal, I knew I wanted to do more with my life, I wanted to make a difference, I wanted to--leave a LEGACY.  There are many students that struggle in school, in every subject…and I want to help them...sometimes, there just is not enough time at school to do everything, for every student.  This is why you have us!  

​WHY Legacy Tutoring Center?
We are different from other centers because we offer a more, “hands-on” approach.  We offer affordable, one-on-one tutoring for your child. I have researched the various centers within a 5 mile radius and I feel my prices for a tutoring session is more than fair and has value.  Many of my tutors are certified educators with experience in public and charter schools.
We are not just a tutoring center for students that attend a school. We offer services for students in K-12; Adult Learners as well as Homeschoolers and Unschoolers!  Our subjects that we help with extend to a WIDE variety of Math, Science; English (Reading/Comprehension/Writing); Test Prep (SAT/ACT); FSA/EOC; PERT; FTCE, ASVAB, etc.  Home school services include Annual Evaluations.  
WHAT can parents expect from LTC?
You can expect TRUTH, honesty and communication. Please note that my tutors and I are required to write a short summary of the topics covered during the session.   This is information that will be shared with you, the parent if you are interested in our feedback.   The main objective in having your child in a tutoring center is so your child is making academic gains. This data can be collected via your child’s subject area teacher and through various assessments in the classroom.  
As the Educational Director of Legacy Tutoring Center, I would be privileged to work with your child’s teacher through email communication.  After all, your child’s success is based on teamwork….parent, child, and teacher.  This is completely up to you.  Upon request, a digital copy of the tutoring session will be emailed to you.


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